Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to 7th Grade

I work at Junior High. I don't mean I work in a Junior High. I mean my workplace, an office in a telecommunications field, with employees who are well past Junior High age, is basically a Junior High.

There are many isolated instances to support this, but today's incident cemented the feeling of Junior High.

I went into our (very small) lunch room to find that there was no space at the table. Normally there are only a few people in there, but today it was packed. There were chairs but not one person offered to move their chair so that I could fit a chair up to the table.

Did I mention that one of those employees has been giving me the patented 7th grade Freeze Out for the past few days? No?

Yes. It couldn't have been more Junior High if I had had braces and a bad perm.


Maybe I'll start telling those stories. That might be entertaining.

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