Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello out there, we're on the air/It's Hockey Night tonight

I'm Canadian. That much is obvious from my profile. But there are times when that Canadian-ness becomes more apparent.

Like last night when I caught a few minutes of the pre-season Flames/Coyotes game. My brain switched to "Hockey's Back!!!" mode instantly. It's like a dearly loved friend had come back from a trip. It's that great time of year again.

The Boy just called and asked if I had plans for tomorrow night. I said no, why? He wanted me to guess and my first thought was "Flames Game" so I said "Are we going to the game???!!!" He was somewhat disappointed that I guessed it so quickly (which I fully understand). Either way, I'm gonna get to see some hockey tomorrow night. Yay. And I couldn't be more happy or happy to be Canadian either.

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