Monday, October 06, 2008

Random(ish) Monday

If you are one of those people who get into semantic battles about the haphazard use of the word "random" then go elsewhere today you can shut it I do apologize. I use the word simply to indicate a bunch of unrelated musings.

-I woke up Friday thinking it was Saturday. That was the best couple of minutes until I realized it was Friday and I had to go to work. Needless to say (but will be said anyway) my Friday sucked as a result. I was so cranky.

-When I am cranky all pet peeves are magnified. For example:
*If you tell me you have a "few" questions but then only ask 1 or 2, you may incur my wrath.
*when driving, if you need to change lanes PLEASE for the love of all things Holy do not take 24 minutes to do so!!
*When driving, if you decide you need to be in my lane and only start signalling when your vehicle is even with mine and there is no one behind me, I will not see any reason to slow up so you can get in front of me in my lane.

-I went home for lunch on Friday, figuring that I was so cranky it was best to be alone for a while. I played Mario Kart (Wii!!) while at home and then promptly got back in my car to go back to work. The brain, apparently, could use a few minutes to shift between the 2 driving styles. Apparently.

-On Thursday, out of the blue, The Boy asked if I would like to go to the Symphony on Friday. The Calgary Philharmonic was presenting the Lord of the Rings Symphony with the CPO and Chorus. It was really good.
-More awesome still? They encouraged patrons to dress up. In LOTR costume. For the Symphony.
-More awesome yet? People did.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to 7th Grade

I work at Junior High. I don't mean I work in a Junior High. I mean my workplace, an office in a telecommunications field, with employees who are well past Junior High age, is basically a Junior High.

There are many isolated instances to support this, but today's incident cemented the feeling of Junior High.

I went into our (very small) lunch room to find that there was no space at the table. Normally there are only a few people in there, but today it was packed. There were chairs but not one person offered to move their chair so that I could fit a chair up to the table.

Did I mention that one of those employees has been giving me the patented 7th grade Freeze Out for the past few days? No?

Yes. It couldn't have been more Junior High if I had had braces and a bad perm.


Maybe I'll start telling those stories. That might be entertaining.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello out there, we're on the air/It's Hockey Night tonight

I'm Canadian. That much is obvious from my profile. But there are times when that Canadian-ness becomes more apparent.

Like last night when I caught a few minutes of the pre-season Flames/Coyotes game. My brain switched to "Hockey's Back!!!" mode instantly. It's like a dearly loved friend had come back from a trip. It's that great time of year again.

The Boy just called and asked if I had plans for tomorrow night. I said no, why? He wanted me to guess and my first thought was "Flames Game" so I said "Are we going to the game???!!!" He was somewhat disappointed that I guessed it so quickly (which I fully understand). Either way, I'm gonna get to see some hockey tomorrow night. Yay. And I couldn't be more happy or happy to be Canadian either.