Friday, January 06, 2006

If you dream it, it will happen.

I dream alot. I go in spurts where I have really vivid dreams that I remember every night for weeks on end. I have dreams about people I know sometimes. People I haven't seen in a really long time. People I don't expect to see. Then, a day, a week, 2 weeks later, I will run into those people much to everyone's surprise. (I also have dreams that combine every single piece of information from the day previous, but that's another story.)

The first time I remember this happening I had a dream about this guy, Chris, who had dumped me rather unceremoniously (another long story for another day) but I hadn't seen him for a few years. As far as I knew we lived 2 or 3 provinces apart, and I wasn't in contact with any of the people I knew when I knew him. I dreamed that he was in with my circle of friends and I got really angry at him and stabbed him. The next weekend, I was with my group of friends in a parking lot waiting for some other friends to show up. One of the girls wasn't going to join us and I asked why. One of the group said "Her friend Chris is in town." Somehow, I knew immediately who they were talking about, even though I didn't have any reason to know. I asked where Chris was from and they said the name of some small town, which happened to be the same small town where the Chris I knew was from. We figured out, finally, that it was the same guy. Everyone was suitably freaked out.

Another notable dream-reality sequence happened when I was living and working in Pakistan. One night this guy I had known in college was in one of my dreams. I don't remember what was happening or anything, just that it was strange that he would be there. The next morning I was walking to the school building (where I worked) with one of the students. I saw a group of visitors and from the back one of them looked like the guy who had been in my dream. I told the student about the dream and how strange it was that this guy looked so much like the guy in the dream. (btw: I had gone to college at a small school in Saskatchewan, Canada. I didn't have any co-workers/aquaintences in Pakistan from my area of the country.) He turned around and came over to me. "Lori?" he asked, as I gaped in astonishment...

The thing about these dreams is that now, when I have a dream about someone I know/haven't seen/would like to see I spend the next few weeks looking around for them. Sometimes those dreams make me happy that it was just a dream and I spend the next few weeks hoping I don't run into the person, but more often the dream makes me sad because it was just a dream and I hope that I do see them.