Sunday, January 07, 2007

a list! with sub points and sub sub points! and no real POINT!

1. New Mattress=first really good night(s) sleep I've had in years. Who knew that crappy thin mattresses where you can actually feel the springs through the surface of the mattress would not be conducive to good sleep? Huh. Interesting.

2. The parade of sick people (FLU!) at work that began mid-December continues still.
2. a. Each and every sick person at work was met, by myself & my coworker sitting at the front desk with the following statement: "Why are you here? Go home! You're sick!"
2. b. Having successfully avoided the first 2 or 3 waves of the flu (Yay Cold FX!!) it seems to have tracked me down finally. I'b sick. hack hack
2. c. I went in to work on Friday, feeling like I had been run over by a truck of some sort.
2. c. i. I went to work because I'm still new there and I don't know what the sick day policy is and somewhere in the back of my head is this belief that if I just call in they may not believe me and it will look bad and they will be disappointed in me.
2. c. ii. My coworker (who is still sitting at the front desk with me*) said "You shouldn't have come in" and sent me home at 10 am.

3. I have a slightly over-active "I don't want to disappoint (person who will be disappointed) so I'll just (do thing that I shouldn't/can't/don't want to do) so they won't be disappointed" gene. (also a slightly over-active obtuse sentence structure gene)
3. a. My friend (my closest friend) is moving today and I had told her that I would help if I wasn't too sick. She knows that I'm sick. She told me yesterday that she understands if I'm not able to make it and that more than help she really just wanted company. She understands, I know that.
3. a. i. I feel horrible as though I have deeply disappointed her.
3. a. ii. It's possible I should just get some more Tylenol and go to sleep.

*The 2 girls who have been sitting at the desk with me (there are 2 work stations at the reception desk) "training me" didn't ever say how long they planned to sit there. I had thought a week, then they were still there so I thought, oh, okay. 2 weeks. Still there. Finally they said that because of all of the horrendous experiences** with the previous 3 or 4 employees at that desk, they had decided before I was hired that for the next one, 3 MONTHS. MONTHS. I'm the receptionist. I need to deal with the phones, and with processing walk in orders and invoicing service repair bills. Thankfully, they have since reconsidered and they had said that I would be on my own after Christmas. Well, I wasn't on my own last week. Hopefully this coming week I will be. I'm trying to not feel insulted by this, I mean, I've been doing reception type work for about 15 years off and on, and I've been doing industry-specific order desk and invoicing for over 2 years. I think I can handle it.

That said, I really like the 2 girls I work with***, I just can't deal with having someone sitting behind me ALL. DAY. LONG. (plus, the one who is there most frequently narrates her day to herself all day long.)(yeah.)

**I never met any of the previous employees who had my job, but one of them, apparently, would sleep at her desk. When I first heard this, I thought they meant "when it was slow and there was no one in the reception area". Apparently, it was any time of day, while there were customers coming and going, and while the girl training her was still sitting at the other work station.

***Sadly, not a muffin-top to be found. I need to find some other sort of coworker stories to tell.

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