Sunday, November 26, 2006


DAMN HALLMARK HALL OF FAME!! WHY did I WATCH? It's only 45 minutes in and I'm sobbing already from the Hallmark commercial with the girl at her parents house for her birthday and the mom tells her the card is from both of them and she doesn't believe her mom and the girl starts to read it and the dad comes around the corner...

WHY did I watch?

A friend of mine says that everyone has one movie that they love that they would never tell anyone about. For me, it's not one movie, it's one genre. I rarely let anyone know that I get sucked into these TV movies all the time. (Also, Hugh Grant movies, but that's not AS embarassing). These Hallmark Hall of Fame ones are the worst! The commercials are mostly Hallmark commercials and they are ALL meant to make me cry. Weep even.

Stupid Hallmark and their heart warming commercials and made-for-TV movies. That little boy didn't know what Christmas was all about until he took his mother's Christmas card to that scary old lady. *sob* And that dad didn't know how to communicate his love to his daughter. *weep*

I better go. There's another hour left in the movie.

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