Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Je m'amuse

Take This Job and Shove It Countdown: 5 (well, 4 1/2 now) days remaining!!

Add to the fact that I'm feeling slightly bitter and/or cynical about my current employer and about the fact that the owner of this company asked me to "keep it secret" until Monday (for who knows what reason, really.), I'm bored. We have been very slow for a week or so now. I'm trying to get things cleaned up as much as possible for my replacement and training him as things come up but, there's only so much a person can do.

So, I've been amusing myself. While I've been keeping on top of the work that needs doing, I've tested my hand/eye coordination and practiced
parking. I studied Miss Swan videos in order to perfect my imitation. I may have watched some Stuart videos as well. (I have come to the belief that a well-timed, unexpected Stuart imitation will make almost anyone laugh so hard they turn bright red and stop breathing.)

So far today, in addition to some mundane paperwork, I've talked to my sister and a friend online, I've contemplated RSVPing that I will be attending the company Christmas party. It's 3 days after my last day, but, since I'm supposed to keep it a secret, they don't know that. I've made mental lists of what I will do with my days off after my last day here and before my first day at the new job (hints: sleeping, watching daytime tv, knitting). Blog reading takes up some time, as does random link-following.

So, now, I'm trying to come up with other ways to amuse myself while keeping up with the little bits of work that need doing. Ideas? I want something that will cause people to wonder what the hell I'm doing (but since the cool kids don't talk to me no one will actually ask). I'm thinking about making a big countdown calendar for my desk. Or sending myself "Congratulations on your new job" flowers. Maybe I'll just start knitting at my desk during work hours. Or I could bring in my sewing machine. Or, I'll just keep reading blogs and watching YouTube.

(4 1/2 more days!!!!!!!!!)

I just had the best idea! I have about 990 of my business cards left. Maybe I'll work on a craft project with them. Ooo. That sounds like fun.

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