Friday, September 22, 2006

Great Moments in Auntie-dom

I love being an Auntie. I currently have 7 nieces and nephews and there are 2 more on the way. The oldest is 13 (!!!) and the youngest (currently) are 1 year old twins. I don't live close to any of them, which is sad really because I love hanging out with them. I get to do that "cool-auntie" thing and play with them but then they go home or I go home so I don't have to deal with any risidual crankiness...

Yesterday was my nephew T's birthday. He turned 5. I called to say Happy Birthday and ask him what he wanted (I know. Bad Auntie). This is a transcript of that conversation:

(My brother puts T on the phone)
T: I'm 5 now!! Who is this?
Me: It's Auntie Lori. I know you're 5, I'm calling to say Happy Birthday!
T: It's my birthday? (turns away from the phone and shouts to his family) IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Did you not know that?
T: Yeah, I know that. I'm 5 now!
Me: Yeah, I know. So, how's school? You started Kindergarten, right?
T: (shouting)YES!!!!!!!!!

T is a "man's man" but will ALWAYS come running to give you a hug when he sees you. He'll wrestle you to the ground or pull you off the couch (very very strong child) but he loves being cuddled. He is ridiculously polite but when he gets excited, he tends to shout-talk. Loudly. He is also a farm kid through and through. He talks about farming constantly. He knows more about a lot of the equipment than I do.

Me: So, what would you like for your birthday?
Me: oh, really? 5 cultivators?
T: YES!!
(incoherant babble)
Me: Well, I should let you go. Did you have supper already?
T: I already ate!!! We had LASAGNE!!!
Me: Oh really? I'm having lasagne too!
T: You ARE??? (turns away to shout at his family) AUNTIE LORI IS HAVING LASAGNE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm guestimating the amount of exclamation marks based on his total excitement over what he was saying)

Me: Guess what I'm doing tonight?
T: What?
Me: I'm going to a hockey game later on.
T: Oh. Bye (hangs up)

Love that kid.

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