Wednesday, April 11, 2007


*still not doing too good at the posting regularly thing. or at the grammar thing. sorry. for both.*

I wish I was faster with the camera function on my camera phone (phone camera?). I often see "interesting" things around me but never seem to a) remember I have a camera phone/phone camera; b) get to it quickly enough; c) get it to open the camera function, focus, take a picture fast enough.

Like today. I was driving back to work after lunch and was stuck at a light behind a woman in a small car. She had stuffed animals in the back window and something furry/stuffed hanging from the rearview mirror. Now, I have something hanging from my rearview mirror (a pendant I bought in Pakistan just before I moved back to Canada), so I get having something decorating your car. But I don't understand the stuffed animals in the back window. Are they there so you can have something to play with if you ever get stranded? Are they there to communicate with other drivers? "I'm cute!" or, alternately: "I'm somewhat eerily unstable! Don't tailgate!!"

As confused as the stuffed animals left me, they were not the most confusing part. This vehicle had Winnie the Pooh decals in the window. And, the part that pushed me over the top from mindlessly following along on the city street to contemplating the wording of this story for the next 10 hours before I finally sat down here to write it; the part that confused me the most? A Winnie the Pooh LICENSE PLATE HOLDER. ??

Now, I like children's cartoons as much as the next childless 36 year old woman, but, Come ON! I see women with cartoon characters on otherwise fairly normal items of clothing, or decorating their workspaces and I can't help but wonder what the men around them think of this behavior.

It should be noted that I'm not referring to an ironic use of cartoons or characters, nor am i referring to any cartoons aimed more at adults (Simpsons, Family Guy etc). It's the Winnie/Mickey/Tweety phenomenon.

Can anyone explain it?

Have I gone off on a rant?

Yes, yes I have.

If you, dear reader, are a cartoon character wearer/decorator, please forgive me my insensitivity. And explain it so I understand. Cause I really don't understand it. Really.

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