Thursday, October 25, 2007

Standing Ovation

My new job is stressing me out. The work load (way more than they mentioned in the interview), the learning curve, the hostile environment created by a caustic co-worker...

I just re-discovered something I had discovered last year around this time:

Songs from recordings of live performances on your iPod (or similar) give you a chance to pretend that you are being given a round of applause. My new workspace is in a cubicle (which, after years of being at reception or similar, i LOVE! privacy-ish!). The next time a "live" song comes up on shuffle, I'm taking a bow.

**btw: I realize it's been way way way too long since i've posted here. I think I may end up starting up here again, due to the aforementioned stressful job and relative privacy at work... shh...

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Antonia Cornwell said...

The previous house I lived in overlooked the Oval Cricket Ground from the back of the top floor. The other thing at the back of the top floor, beside the view, was the toilet. Occasionally, one would shit and be rewarded with a roaring cheer from thousands. I miss that toilet.

Keep posting. I love your car-key story from Pakistan, I just love it.