Tuesday, October 24, 2006

chocolate saves the day!

You know what is bad? Having a stupid vending machine in the work place that ONLY takes Loonies*. In a work place that has no means of obtaining Loonies. You know what is good? Going in to the coffee room and seeing, placed on top of the offending Loonies-Only vending machine, a box of real-sized** Oh Henry!*** bars! (and being told "They're Free!") You know what is better? Having this happen on a day that you have forgotten to stock your bag with all manner of snack foods which also happens to be a day that you have run completely out of Loonies.

Mmm... chocolatey peanuty caramelly goodness...

*The Canadian Dollar coin is called a "Loonie" because there is a picture of a Loon on one side. Creative nickname, huh?****
**as opposed to the Halloween "fun" sized bars
***What is the deal with this name anyway? Google?
****In order to preserve the Canadian stereotype I should have written "Creative nickname, eh?" ******
*****Are these little notes at the end getting confusing and/or annoying?

I'm resisting the stupidly strong urge to carry on the multiple asterisk sidenote endnote thing and will just add this here: When I typed the bit about the Loonie, I decided to Google "Loonie" and discovered that we only have the Loon design due to a Canada Post error! Who knew? (probably lots of Canadians.) This just confirms my unhappiness with the Canada Post Delivery policies of not necessarily delivering packages that are addressed to me but rather holding on to them for some inexplicable reason until suddenly they decide to tell me I need to claim my package now! or it will be returned! to the sender! (this has happened at least 6 times. Yay Canada Post and your super helpful "Customer" "Service" "Helpline")

How did I go from a "Yay! Free Chocolate!" post to a "Canada Post Sucks" post in such a short space? hmm. I must be just that talented. You should come back every day. And read. RE-read even. And comment.

(now i've gone from the chocolate bit to the Canada Post bit to straight up "please comment" patheticness.)(is "patheticness" a word? Probably not)(obviously this is a quality, entertaining blog. You should visit more often. Tell your friends.)

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~Lori said...

I think the word you're looking for is patheticalness. You're welcome.

I read (and enjoy) faithfully, actually. I'm just not good at commenting.